Service Level Agreements


Get optimum efficiency, performance and value from your property with a maintenance SLA (Service Level Agreement).

 At Wing’s Technical Services, we help you create a perfect balance between the building, the technical assets and the business. We deliver this through six services: consult, design, construct, install, operate and maintain. Whether procured individually or integrated for greater efficiency, they’ll help you achieve compliance, benefit from incentives and make best use of advancing technology. We also advise on investment strategies to ensure value over the entire asset lifecycle. We back our services with strong experience in key sectors of the built environment, and offer a range of innovative energy and engineering products.

Facilities Managers, Business Managers and Site Staff of properties have legal obligations imposed upon them for meeting statutory requirements for the protection of occupants and others within the vicinity of their buildings.

This ranges from precautions for the control of Legionella bacteria through to the periodic servicing of boilers, electrical installations, emergency lighting fire alarm systems and portable appliances, all require regular testing to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Our flexible SLA’s guarantee peace of mind that statutory obligations are being met but provide differing levels of support to suit the existing resources and requirements of any property.

The Gold SLA, our most comprehensive solution, incorporates the cyclical maintenance and reactive repair. It provides a best practice approach to facilities management and helps organisations to maintain their premises to the highest possible standards.

The Silver SLA, is tailor made to suit the client’s requirements, to meet their specification of servicing plant and is designed to incorporate the buildings specialist needs.

The Bronze SLA, provides management of statutory obligations and servicing for all types of plant and equipment.

Whatever level of SLA our clients choose they benefit from our 24 hour / 365 day a year helpdesk and support and from our directly employed engineers who are specially trained and equipped to tackle up to 95% of routine maintenance and emergency tasks in one visit for building services and building fabric issues.


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Together with our Business Partners, we share the highest level of pride and commitment in the work we do. We also hold a number of industry accreditations for all the services we provide, including the ISO9001:2015 accreditation. We are constantly working to maintain a  high level or service to our clients and we are very proud of our achievements.